Salsa for Beginners

Learning to dance is an effort that involves coordinating activity with music, and many people find it difficult to do. They may be able to master the steps, but they find the music a distraction when they try to combine the two. Adding a partner to the mix can further complicate matters, but salsa does not necessarily require a partner. People are often unaware that there are forms of salsa that can be danced solo, but this is an acceptable practice for newcomers and experienced dancers who want to try new moves.

There is a variation of salsa called On 1, and this is a good way for beginners to learn the dance. They do the traditional steps as if they had a partner, but they are alone on the dance floor. This gives them the opportunity to concentrate on keeping in step with the music, and becoming comfortable with their form. All of these steps are repeated as the dance music plays, but there is no partner involved so there is no concern about stepping on someone else's foot.

Dancing On 1 requires the dancer to begin their steps on the first beat of the music, and they continue counting throughout the dance. There are no variations to concern them, and they can concentrate on stepping correctly and keeping on tempo. As they get more comfortable, their hips will sway to the music easily, and it will then be time to find a partner.

Salsa dancing is considered easy because dancers always dance to each beat of the music. They do not have to worry about complex holds or doing more than one step or movement per beat. Dancing alone at first will give them the confidence to enjoy the music whenever they step onto the floor.