Getting the Hips Involved

An important part of salsa dancing is the movement of the hips, and many new dancers spend too much time worrying about it. Every time a foot moves, the hips will naturally sway. Exaggerated hip movement will not improve their steps, and it may cause a distraction. Rather than worrying about moving the hips sideways, it is best to concentrate on getting the steps perfect.

The hip moves to accommodate the shift in the body's weight, and this natural movement is part of the salsa dance. Those who have become accomplished dancers will have larger hip movements, and they do this by stepping further out to the side on each step. They are able to do this because their bodies are relaxed, and this allows them greater variety in their steps. As the beginner gains confidence in their ability to do the proper steps in time with their music, they will relax and the hips will follow.